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We use Truck-Mounted hot water steam/extraction process with a mild cleaning compound. All of our cleaning compounds are natural and organic which means no harsh smells or chemicals. Another advantage to natural and organic cleaning compounds is that they don't leave behind soap build up. Your carpets wont get dirtier faster after you've had your carpets cleaned and you can safely walk on your carpets shortly after they have been cleaned. Drying time is reduced greatly as well.

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Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Animals, children, TV dinners, and guests leave your furniture all but desirable. With special upholstery tools your furniture is cleaned the same as your carpets. We use a hot water extraction process with an upholstery specific all natural cleaning compound. The extraction process removes the dirt and cleaning solution making your furniture look like new again with a refreshing smell. Upholstery cleaning is an excellent add on to your carpet cleaning services. 

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We only use natural and organic cleaning compounds. Pet, children and allergy friendly!