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We open, brush and vacuum all vents and returns in the home leading back to the main unit using Truck-Mounted equipment. Indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes to irritating symptoms of allergies or asthma. Runny nose, itchy eyes, headaches, bronchitis, sinus problems, migraines, and/or nasal congestion are a few of the many symptoms that can be alleviated by improving your indoor air quality. Cleaning your air ducts regularly is a suggested preventative measure when concerned about the air quality your family is breathing everyday. 

When to get your Air Ducts cleaned:

  • Before you bring a new born child, young child, sick person or elderly member home from the hospital.

  • If you experience consistent problems with sinus infections, itchy eyes, runny nose,headaches, migraines, bronchitis, asthma attacks and other allergy related problems.

  • During or after Arizona's monsoon season or dust storms.

  • If you are unsure how long it has been since the air ducts were cleaned. 

  • When you notice dusting your house doesn't last more than a day. 

  • If you see particles coming out of your vents when air is blowing through your vents. 

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Air Duct Cleaning